Women in Transition, Finding Direction

Sometimes women get locked in transition raising their family in one place, around the Country, or the world. What does being locked in transition mean? – it’s the period that women spend as full-time mothers sometimes in one place, or for others around the world. In choosing ‘motherwork’ over anything else, they accept the gap in their professional development, many times underestimating the frustration of unlived potential and personal progress towards goals and dreams. I know this of course, after years of being in that struggle myself.

I know that raising a family is one of the most extraordinary full-time jobs you can do in life and one which can fill up our hearts in seconds. However, sometimes, making sure everyone is being well taken care of includes – absorbing the demands of life and extreme change, the heavy lifting of being the primary caregiver and the burden of solitude…this can lock us in transition. This is especially the case for women who uproot their lives several times.

Transition: Train Tracks Go Into Distnace

I also know that thousands of women spend important years of their lives raising their families around the world. Often left short of the help and resources that allow them to focus on their personal growth and the fulfilment of their dreams. Locked in transition, these women are leading their families through moves and change, with the lows and highs they juggle it all – settling in, adapting, acting as the primary caregiver, solitude, and the less than fun mundane household tasks, they do it all with an unstable supporting network that changes every time they relocate.

It isn’t always the wife that is the trailing spouse – read the tale of the trailing husband here.

I know this because in supporting my husband’s growing career, for over a decade, we moved a myriad of times between Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, California, Germany, four years in Singapore and two years in Spain. Having my two daughters along the way and leading my family through this particular journey, locked me in transition. When we (finally) settled in Palo Alto, CA, I needed to make sense of all those moves which including temporary-stays adding up to 17 moves and 11 home addresses.

After we settled in Palo Alto, with both my children at school and a strong desire in my heart to find my potential, value, passions, voice, who I was now and what I wanted to achieve, I felt strongly about focusing on my personal development and nourishing my wellbeing.

After 6 years and A LOT of try-outs, traveling, learning and training in an array of multi-disciplinary subjects in Personal Development and Wellbeing, I understood what it takes to find your voice, design a path and find effective resources and practices that are worth your time and your money. The ceaseless noise in the world, the fast-paced culture we live immersed in, and the oversaturation of information, makes it extremely challenging to find the right people, resources and practices – especially when you are at the start line with a pile of questions and needs.

It was for me, overwhelming and often frustrating. For that same reason, there were many times I made the wrong investment in fruitless outlets and even fell for some scams, leading me to even more frustration along with a lot of time and money wasted.  Learning from my own struggles and finding the right choices that effectively moved my life forward and contributed to breakthroughs and to living with a greater sense of wholeness that has benefited every dimension of my life – personal, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual thus improving my relationships and wellbeing. This motivated me to create a space where other women, who like me, strive for personal growth and learning, who want to enrich their lives, who have a strong desire to get their life back on track and get one-on-one attention with the flexibility that they need. To help them experience progress that is rich and fulfilling – in one place, remote and/or in person – to help them learn how to manage change and transitions, how to become more internally empowered. To teach them how to make a shift and build a life they love anywhere in the world, without having to stress about traveling anywhere, worrying about leaving their children or having to spend a serious amount of time going down many routes without finding what they need.

My academic training and first-hand experiences as a spouse, mother, seasoned exmat, now professional, and soon to be author, allow me to help women diagnose their developmental needs with authentic empathy. It takes one to understand one, as I’ve walked the path of extreme change, leading a family through global transitions, transferred from workforce to motherwork, self-reinvention, and many other personal life lessons that shaped me into a resilient strong woman. I want to share with them the cutting-edge tools and practices I have learned over the past 6 years, that have helped me and other women make a real shift and dive into:

Self-discovery ▪ Creative expression ▪ Mindfulness ▪ Life design ▪ Lead to growth psychology ▪ Emotional awareness

Transition: Women in Silhouette raise arms

I’m offering 10 discounted spots to women ready to unlock themselves from transition and who’d like to participate in my Beta program. Through a simple application and a 30 minutes phone call, we’ll decide if it’s a fit for us to work together, or if there are any other recommendations I might have for you.

For over 6 months, we’ll work one-on-one remote or in person, through this concierge work and in receiving all the training, material, tools and practices for you to start experiencing rich and fulfilling progress in your life and that will guide you to live to your full potential and achieve a greater sense of wholeness to help you build a life you feel excited about.

I’m also inviting women who have moved and relocated to share their story to help other women feel validated, heard and less alone in their struggles. To reserve your place for the program and/or to submit your story, please go to www.enroute.life

Transition: Gabriela O'MalleyGabriela S. O’Malley is a Personal Development Advisor, mother of two, and a seasoned expat woman, she knows firsthand what a life as an expat partner looks like. She combines +10 years of experience in transitions and change, with 6 years academic training in an array of multi-disciplines across Personal Development and Wellbeing from top Institutions and thought leaders, to work with women helping them diagnose their development needs and teach them how to manage change and transitions and make a shift happen to build a life they love – internally empowered, more present, more authentic and experience a greater sense of wholeness while continue caring for their family – anywhere in the world.

Originally from San Pedro Garza Garcia in Northeast Mex, she relocated to the USA 15 years ago with her American husband. After spending 6 years in Asia and Europe, they repatriated and settled in Palo Alto where they live now with their two daughters. Gabriela is also a blog contributor at the Bay Area Cancer Connections and is currently writing a book, Exmatriate where she talks candidly about the emotions and challenges faced as an International spouse and how to find personal fulfilment during transitions while leading a family across the world.

You can learn more and contact Gabriela at:

Email: enroutelc@gmail.com


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