Trailing Husband Settles into the Bay Area “Like a Boss”

It’s a new year and the perfect time for an inspirational story!  Recently, Jasper, a trailing husband, wrote about rebuilding his life and the importance of a guys’ night out.  I have the pleasure of knowing a trailing husband from Buenos Aires, Argentina — Eduardo.

Eduardo came to the Bay Area after his wife, Flor,  accepted a job transfer at Google.  It was a good move for her career.  What about Eduardo’s career as a lawyer?  In Buenos Aires, he worked at one of the most prestigious law firms, then an international hedge fund and before leaving to come to the Bay Area, he was successfully working for himself.  He was busy and happy with his career path.

When I asked Eduardo if it was an easy decision to move, he replied that it wasn’t exactly easy but once the decision was made, he backed it 100%, because Flor would have done the same for him.  It’s easy enough to say that you are going to move, and relatively easy to follow through and do it, but what happens next?  That is the hard part.

Edu looked at the move as an “opportunity to learn and grow.”  I’ve decided he’s brilliant.  What he’s done is to make it his job to settle into his new surroundings and find fulfillment in his new responsibilities.  Cleaning the house, chauffeuring his son to and from daycare, looking for career opportunities, and becoming involved with team sports has become the norm for him.

In addition, he has taken the time the learn the start up and venture capital dynamics and regulations to improve his knowledge regarding corporate and intellectual property in the US.  He is currently focused on building a network with Latin American investors and entrepreneurs.

Edu with his family and rugby team.

Edu with his family and rugby team.

I asked him how he seemed to have transitioned so easily, his answer, “You can decide to be involved or stay apart.”  Like any good student of life, he wanted to understand the area, “It’s important to understand the history of where you are living.”  He recommends A California History by Kevin Starr.

As for team sports, Edu is a star player for the Google Football Rugby Club.  I took this idea to heart and searched the internet for a dodgeball team.  I found an adult co-ed kickball, dodgeball, and social sports club with 278 members in the South Bay!   278 potential new friends and a weekly game to look forward to is exciting.

Recently, Edu and Flor purchased a home in San Jose and welcomed a second son into the world.  With time, and every positive new memory and experience, their roots in the Bay Area have gotten deeper.  They now have daily routines, friends, and a supportive community of other Argentinians that have relocated.  I can tell by the way Eduardo took charge of his new life situation that he will be successful at whatever he does.  If moving to the Bay Area were a real job, he would be CEO.



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