Camping with Kids: Attempt One – ‘Easy’ Camping

So, you might remember some time ago I was crowdsourcing camping ideas, well here is what happened! I grew up camping all over California. I think my mom took me for the first time when I was only six months old. We’ve been meaning to go camping as a family for a while now, but when my youngest was born last year he had some health issues, so our plans were delayed.

little campsite at KOA

Sightseeing: Places You Must See While You’re in the US

While you are here don’t forget to advantage of all the sightseeing the US has to offer. You will find traveling around the US is a bit like traveling around Europe in the sense that customs, dialect, food and music can change drastically from state to state. We lack the train system that makes traveling Europe so easy, but there are a lot of resources to help make a trip easy and fun.