Preschool in the Bay Area: A Difficult Search

When I moved to the Bay Area one year ago, I had a picture in my head of how my life would look there. I would find the perfect house (or at least one which was suitable for us), send the children to an amazing preschool, have time for myself and my career. I was waiting for perfect weather and beaches in the afternoons. I knew that some of these things would be harder to get than others but I also knew that at the end of the day I would get there in the end. I thought I planned […]

Trekking through the Trees with a Toddler

Did you know that the redwood trees love to live with their family? Wherever you spot a redwood tree mostly you will see that there are clusters of trees together? That the summer fog plays an important role in keeping the redwood trees alive? That the creek which flows through the redwoods, is alive with flora and fauna? We gathered these facts and a lot of other amazing information on our slow-paced and toddler-friendly trail walk with a forest ranger at Muir Woods, few weeks back. As expats living in a new country, we always felt the need to know […]

Tree Ring and Hand