Traditions and Holidays: Celebrating While Abroad

Traditions, whether cultural, religious, or familial are passed from generation to generation. They connect us to the people around us and help us to define who we are. So, when we move to a place with new traditions, a different culture or a different majority religion, we can find things difficult. But being in a new place does not have to mean we lose anything, it might just mean we need to change our traditions slightly.

Why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

Thanksgiving, which is held the fourth Thursday of each November, is my favorite holiday; the one I missed most while I was living abroad in the United Kingdom. I describe Thanksgiving (to my non-American friends) as Christmas, without the presents.  Growing up, my mom always hosted Thanksgiving. She would spend all morning cooking and several days before doing all the prep work. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins arrived around noon, and the chaos began. There were usually 15 of us crowded around a couple of tables, stuffing our faces until we were too full to move. As everyone in my […]

Thanksgiving in Bay Area

As a newcomer to the Bay Area (and the US for that matter), I am always excited during Thanksgiving. I had never lived in North America before, so Thanksgiving is kind of new to me. So far, the only place I’ve learned about it is from movies and a little bit of reading. But to experience it firsthand is exhilarating. For me, it’s because of these three reasons: The colors of Thanksgiving If you have been living in a four-season area, please forgive my overbearing excitement. As someone who has been living in the tropics for most of her life […]