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Into the Green #4: The Lost Coast – A Beach Vacation with Bears

If Malibu Beach comes to your mind first when you think about beach vacations in California, you should probably not venture out to the Lost Coast. But if you prefer Alaska to ‘Baywatch’, this is your spot. Even the road builders of the Wild West steered clear of this coast, steep and rugged as it is. All the better for us, as well as for sea lions, black bears and marijuana farmers who peacefully cohabit in this wilderness.

American Sports: An Englishman’s Opinion

I grew up in the South West of England, nowhere near a major city or sports club, but I have always been a big sports fan, everything from football (soccer), rugby, cricket, Formula 1, tennis, darts and more. I never excelled at these sports but I love to watch them (yes, even cricket). But sport as I knew it was about to change forever!

American Sports - Closeup of a baseball

Top 7: Tips for the Novice Giants Fan

Last night I went to my third Giants game. My first game was miserable. I was freezing cold, I had no idea what was going on and I was sat in front of a teenage girl who kept dropping sweet stuff down my back. When I got home my hair was a tangled mess of cotton candy, slush puppy and caramel corn. I vowed never to return. But going to the baseball and eating a corn dog is one of those things all of our friends want to do when they come out to visit us. So I’ve now been […]