Taking your baby home for the holidays? Read this first.

Like many Bay Area expats we’re taking our baby home this Christmas and I’m already prepping for the long journey back to the UK. We’ve done one other long-haul flight with him and several shorter ones. This is what we’ve learned so far: Call your airline before you fly On long-haul flights babies less than 25 pounds can sleep in a bassinet, but these are only provided if you’re in the bulkhead seats. Contact your airline in advance to bag these early. If you forget, ask at the desk when you check-in if they have any spots still available. Even […]

Catch the Spirit: Halloween 2016

We arrived in the US in August, so the first major American holiday we experienced, and one of the most exciting for the kids, was Halloween. We’d all seen enough American TV shows to know that Halloween was a big deal here, not at all like at home in the UK, and when piles of pumpkins and giant inflatable decorations started appearing in the stores in September (not to mention pumpkin-flavored everything in Trader Joe’s) the kids were overjoyed. From low-key to all out In the UK, Halloween is pretty low-key. Not many people decorate their house and kids only […]

FaceTime is Family Time: Keeping in Touch the Expat Way

As is common here in the Bay Area, we reside far from our families. Like many, we say: ‘We keep in better contact now than if we lived in the same country!’ And indeed, it’s true, daily moments shared on Instagram, updated iPhoto albums between assorted family and friend groups, endless WhatsApp chats sharing photos, FaceTime chats, links, videos, emoji. For me it stops there, along with email, this is about the limit of online social contact I can keep up with, especially with a 6-month-old son. My husband manages to keep up with events through Twitter and both of […]

Camping with Kids: Attempt One – ‘Easy’ Camping

So, you might remember some time ago I was crowdsourcing camping ideas, well here is what happened! I grew up camping all over California. I think my mom took me for the first time when I was only six months old. We’ve been meaning to go camping as a family for a while now, but when my youngest was born last year he had some health issues, so our plans were delayed.

little campsite at KOA