Temporary Visitor: Where do we go from here?

The temporary visitor makes up a large group of non-natives in the Bay Area. With all the world leading educational institutes and tech companies, there are many post-docs, interns, and others regularly arriving for short-term appointments, whether for a few months or a few years. My husband and I are two such visitors, and as this time comes to an end we ask ‘where do we go from here?’

Home: A Complicated Concept for an Expat

After you’ve lived somewhere new, for even a short period of time, you find yourself struggling with what it means to be home. My most current definition is a place you can be yourself. That means my home is not grounded in any spot; it is where my husband is. When vacation season rolls around, most of us find ourselves making the journey back to our hometown/country to visit family. That is when it starts to get complicated.