Catch the Spirit: Halloween 2016

We arrived in the US in August, so the first major American holiday we experienced, and one of the most exciting for the kids, was Halloween. We’d all seen enough American TV shows to know that Halloween was a big deal here, not at all like at home in the UK, and when piles of pumpkins and giant inflatable decorations started appearing in the stores in September (not to mention pumpkin-flavored everything in Trader Joe’s) the kids were overjoyed. From low-key to all out In the UK, Halloween is pretty low-key. Not many people decorate their house and kids only […]

First Time Pumpkin Carvers

Even if you’re not that into Halloween, you have to admit that carved pumpkins are pretty cool.  I especially like the ones that use multiples to create an image.  Jack o lanterns are not longer just faces.  The invention of the internet and the printer changed pumpkin carving forever.  You can find an abundance of free stencils/patterns online that will have you carving like a pro in no time.   I like thepumpkinlady.com who has free patterns, videos and advice. While I am no pumpkin lady, I have learned a few things over the years of participating in this Halloween tradition.  A few […]

Halloween in the Bay (2015)

Halloween is celebrated in America on 31 October each year. It tends to kick off the winter holidays, and is celebrated by kids and adults alike. Traditionally, Halloween is preceded by a trip to the supermarket, or pumpkin patch, to pick out a pumpkin to be carved shortly before the holiday. If you are planning on dressing up in a costume, it’s also good to plan ahead. Thift stores can be a great resource for finding gently used costumes, or unique items to make your own costume.Halloween Parties, Haunted Houses, Carnivals, and Parades are other popular activities, and then of […]