Need an Expat Orientation? The wait is over!

If you’ve been following Life in the Bay for a while, you know that we’ve covered topics from finding the right school, renting a new home, exploring the Bay Area, and more, but there’s a gap, and we are well aware of it. You want advice on Health Insurance, Finances, Taxes, Real Estate and Immigration matters. While an exceptional team of writers are behind Life in the Bay, we don’t happen to be experts or professionals in these areas. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help…We are always expanding our network, and connecting with more and more local organizations […]

US Taxes: A Few Tips

One of the biggest hurdles I faced with the US tax system is that it’s too complicated to understand. But luckily there are many ways to either do it yourself with the help of software or just hand it all to an accountant.  We moved from Singapore to the USA in 2008 with an internal transfer visa (L1) and then changed to a professional visa (H1B). We had to deal with tax equalization to avoid the double tax rule, which was mostly done by the company’s lawyers. They did a tremendous job to ease our transition, but it took almost two […]