American culture

Life in the Bay Area as an Indian-American: Then & Now

All I noticed in the movie was the unacceptable racist treatment the white characters showed toward the Asian character…he was constantly regarded as “weird” and “different,” foreign, and mostly un-American. Several memories I had repressed came shooting back, and I was instantly transported back to my youth as growing up brown, as an Indian-American, in the Bay Area.

Customer Service in the US: The Customer is Always Right?

When I first moved back to the Bay Area from the Arabian Gulf, the first places to visit on my list weren’t the Golden Gate Bridge or Lake Tahoe, but instead, Costco and Target! A place where I could get almost everything I needed for my family under one roof? With easy parking and a Starbucks inside? Yes, please! But truthfully, it wasn’t the plethora of wonderful things inside these stores that I had missed, but instead the amazing American customer service that we take for granted while living here, but miss like crazy when we live abroad.

Ahhh, the wide isles of costco

American Sports: An Englishman’s Opinion

I grew up in the South West of England, nowhere near a major city or sports club, but I have always been a big sports fan, everything from football (soccer), rugby, cricket, Formula 1, tennis, darts and more. I never excelled at these sports but I love to watch them (yes, even cricket). But sport as I knew it was about to change forever!

American Sports - Closeup of a baseball