No choice, but to leave.

Leaving your home country, your friends and family, the things you love, and the life you know, is hard. We all know that. That is why we try to help each other endure the longing and the heartache by forming communities of expats, and perhaps reading blogs such as this, and that is all good and well.

However, imagine that you did not choose to leave. Imagine that you left not knowing whether you would ever be able to return. Not knowing whether you would ever see your family and friends again, or worse – knowing that you never would, since they were already lost.

Imagine that instead of being nervous about boarding a plane with your children to take them to a new country where they would not know the language and customs, you were putting them in an unsafe, overloaded boat, knowing that your chances of reaching the other shore safely were low, but that your chances of survival should you stay were even lower.

We who choose to leave our home countries safely, looking for adventure, greater opportunities, or for love: we need each other’s help and support, and we should give it. But today, we first and foremost need to lend that help and support to those who need it more.

Here are ways to help:


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