Temporary Visitor: Where do we go from here?

The temporary visitor makes up a large group of non-natives in the Bay Area. With all the world leading educational institutes and tech companies, there are many post-docs, interns, and others regularly arriving for short-term appointments, whether for a few months or a few years. My husband and I are two such visitors, and as this time comes to an end we ask ‘where do we go from here?’

Traditions and Holidays: Celebrating While Abroad

Traditions, whether cultural, religious, or familial are passed from generation to generation. They connect us to the people around us and help us to define who we are. So, when we move to a place with new traditions, a different culture or a different majority religion, we can find things difficult. But being in a new place does not have to mean we lose anything, it might just mean we need to change our traditions slightly.

Communities Come Together: A Year of Fear and Hope

There is no doubt this has been a scary, stressful and apprehensive time for many immigrant and refugee communities, across the country, and things are still far from resolved. But here at Life in the Bay, and across America, people are not ready to be cowed, they have stood up and said, “No,” often and loudly. People have been coming out, stamping their feet, and shouting, this is not us, this is not our America and we will be heard.

Adventure in Alaska: Inspiring Immigrants

Basia is a typical Silicon Valley working mom but there is one thing a little different her love for dog sledding. She aims to take this adventure further in the Fjallraven Polar, a 300km dog sled race, read her story here.

Perinatal Depression: Supporting Mamas

With one in five moms and one in ten dads struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and psychosis in pregnancy and/or postpartum (perinatal depression/anxiety) it’s not surprising that for some parents it can all become too much.

Support for Expats: ‘I Am A Triangle’, Are you?

friends and family don’t always understand what I am talking about. All they see is a wonderful opportunity for new experiences; I should be happy all the time, right? Not quite. So, I turn to the I Am A Triangle (IAAT) group to find my support.