Love is All You Need? When You Only Have Each Other

In time you will both make friends and establish social circles and regain some of your independence, but this will not be instantaneous. In the initial stages, love is all you have. So, you need to make every effort to make things work.

Chinese New Year 2018: Celebrate the Year of the Dog

It’s that time of the year again when Chinese families come together to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s the most important of all the Chinese traditions and spans 15 days. There are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years in the lunar calendar, 2018 being the year of the Dog. So what are some of the customs of Chinese New Year?

Dream Life in the Bay and Keeping the Dream Alive

The exhilaration of the warm sunshine, great company and 360-degree views of a place on most people’s bucket lists made me wonder why we don’t go there every Sunday! The reality is that every day can’t always be like that.

Does the novelty of a Bay Area relocation ever wear off? At what point does the feeling of being on vacation end? And what can you do to keep your Life in the Bay dream alive?

Guidebooks with a Difference: New Ways to See the Bay

For those new to the Bay Area, or those looking to share a corner of their world here with family or friends living elsewhere, the following is a list of unique guidebooks that bring the bay to life on the page. These books are versatile, too: they serve as an introduction to newcomers, as a reference for temporary travelers, and as mementos for life-long residents.

Decluttering: Own Less, Live More

The book made me realize how the ‘I might use it someday’ attitude had led me to keep things that were of little value to us but we just didn’t have the heart to throw them away. Ergo, there was only one answer to it: ruthless decluttering.

Taxes: Lessons in What Not To Do

I was always confused when watching American TV shows as everyone discussed doing their taxes, they could be a waitress or a cashier but for some reason they needed to do their own tax…it is safe to say that to my British mind this was incredibly perplexing, and my first tax season last year was a mess. As tax season is upon us again here is what I learnt.

Butter Chicken: From Delhi to the Bay Area

In the UAE you could often smell the aroma of different spices wafting through the mall food courts or from storefronts on the street. And no matter if the restaurant was Indian, British Indian, or Indian Fusion, the one dish that was consistently on all the menus was butter chicken or murgh makhani.

Butter Chicken: Spices

Volunteering: A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

With the arrival of each new year, many people take a moment to reflect on the changes they want to make in the coming year. I am ready to get out there again. Ready to make a positive impact in the community; to support international students, and young immigrants in a personal and meaningful way through volunteering.