Meet The Team

Michelle Laker – Director & Editor-in-Chief – USA/UK

From: California
Also lived: Wales & England
Location: San Bruno
Languages: English & Spanish
Loves: Discovering the sameness that connects us across cultures, and exploring the differences that make us all uniquely fascinating.
Fun fact: When I’m not exploring the open spaces of the Bay Area with my wild boys, I’m doing yoga, refinishing furniture, or eating candy in secret.

Contact: or 1(650)636-4258

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Felicity H. Barber – Senior Writer – England

From: England
Location: San Francisco
Languages: English & Spanish
Loves: Writing, tea, West Wing box sets, politics, knitting, and cats.
Fun fact: I wrote a book which was given as a gift to HM the Queen.
 In my free time I enjoy: Being outdoors, walking with the baby, and going to local beaches.

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Gita Arimanda – Writer & Community Outreach – Indonesia

From: Indonesia
Also lived: Singapore
Location: Sunnyvale
Languages: Indonesian & English
Loves: Baking, cooking, reading.
Fun fact: I am a new convert to baking! I also love to read and explore the science behind baking and cooking techniques.
In my free time I enjoy: I translate videos at, and go hiking.

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Archana Patwardhan – Writer – USA/UAE

From: USA
Also lived: United Arab Emirates
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Languages: English & Marathi
Loves: Discovering new restaurants, cooking new cuisines, writing, trying new fashion trends, international travel, watching movies, and creating new fun experiences with my kids!
Fun fact: I used to have an online chocolate truffle business which I started to combat the banality of my daytime analyst job.
In my free time I enjoy: Constantly trying to tackle my never-ending list of places to hike, swim, eat and play at!

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Louise Griffin – Writer & Community Outreach – Wales

From: Wales
Also lived: England
Location: Redwood Shores
Languages: English (does Welsh count?)
Loves: Sunshine, medieval history, live music, sarcasm, Wales, a proper curry, new adventures and red poppies.
Fun fact: I’ve never played any team sport but have held the Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Ashes and Ryder Cup.
In my free time I enjoy: Family stuff, yoga, running, community volunteering.

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Santiago Nocera– Writer – Argentina/USA

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in a small town in Rhode Island.
Also lived: Boston, Netherlands
Location: Menlo Park
Languages: Spanish and English
Loves: Books! I also love cooking and baking (and eating…), exploring the outdoors, and photography.
Fun fact: I spent three months backpacking in Argentina, during which I found work as a bicycle salesman, a wine bartender, and a hostel chef.
In my free time I enjoy: Reading! But in between books I like running, hiking, exploring new restaurants, and sneaking in my own snacks to the movie theater.

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Consiglia Iovine – Graphic Artist – Italy

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David Laker – Technical Lead – England

From: England
Also lived: Wales
Location: San Bruno
Languages: English
Loves: My Wife & Kids 🙂 And Vegas!
Fun fact: Unofficial 3rd longest tongue in the world.

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Former Contributors

Sarah Jennings – Former Managing Editor – UK

Christina Felschen – Former Senior Writer – Germany

Ambar Briastuti – Former Writer – Indonesia

Jessica Harrington – Former Writer – USA

Lesley Andrews – Former Copy Editor & Writer – South Africa

Nicola Morrison – Former Copy Editor & Writer – UK

Emily Bond – Former Contributor – Sweden

Nicoletta Giorgi – Former Contributor – Itlay

Jasper Sikken – Former Contributor – Netherlands

Guest Contributors

Fern Lee – Guest Contributor – Singapore/UK

Alice Malia – Guest Contributor – UK

Gareth Lea – Guest Contributor – UK

Edu Bardelli – Guest Contributor – Argentina

Tanaya Vikrant Singh- Guest Contributor – India

Stephanie Segeren – Guest Contributor – Netherlands

Louise Bennett – Guest Contributor – UK