Searching for GREAT baby & toddler gear?

Whether you’re expecting a new baby, or getting settled in the Bay with a young family, you must check out TotScoop. I had the privilege of sitting down with the creator, Kate, earlier this month. As a parent of two little monkeys herself, she’s tried and tested her fair share of gear for babies and toddlers. As a new mom, she read books, talked to friends, and tried to decide what her and her husband would need for their new baby. They got through the first year as new parents, and she began to think, there must be a better way to find the best gear. Not just the bestselling gear, or the most trendy gear, but the gear that would work best for her family.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’

Kate has managed to do what so many of us struggle to do. She put on both her mommy hat, and her professional hat (Yep, she’s got an MBA from Stanford), and she created something awesome for new families.

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When I was pregnant, I carried The Baby Bargains Book everywhere. I read it on my lunch breaks, and referred to it when shopping. It was the best thing I could find to try to navigate the new world of endless baby gear. But at the end of the day, one book could never review every product. The gear available changes all the time, and to be honest a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate tool I can access on  my phone is a lot more convenient than a paper book – especially when shopping with a new baby.

Tried and Tested

Now almost 4 years, and two kids later I know what works for us. We’ve gone through 4 cars, 7 strollers, 7 carseats, 7 different sleeping arrangements, and countless toys, games, etc to keep my boys occupied. That’s a lot of tried and tested gear. You might not know me, but now you can read my reviews of the things which have worked well, and those which failed miserably.

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New to the Bay Area? Are you from a big city, but now raising kids in the suburbs? Do you have to replace your carseat because the ones you brought with you from the UK don’t meet the regulations in California?

TotScoop landing pageAre you’re just starting your journey into parenthood? Trying to adapt to a new stage in your child’s life, in a new country? TotScoop can help. Login and set a few simple preferences. Write reviews for gear that you’ve tried or search for the perfect pack and play crib for your new travel adventures in California. Find other parents with similar interests and needs. Do they have kids older than yours? Follow them, to specifically see what gear has worked for them. Still have questions? Just ask! Parenting is challenging on so many levels but TotScoop can help you find the right gear, so that you spend less time shopping and testing, and more time getting out there exploring with your family!

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A California native; I spent 10 years living, studying, working, (and falling in love) in the United Kingdom. I returned to the Bay Area in 2011, with my British husband in tow. I am re-adjusting to life in the bay, feeling more like an expat than a local. I have spent my career working with international student & families. I love learning about other cultures, languages, and traditions. My desire to welcome newcomers, and help you make the most of your new life in the Bay Area comes from the unforgettable memories (and mistakes) I made during my time in the United Kingdom. If you've just arrived, and don't know where to start, email me ( I am happy to help!

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