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Refugees in the Bay Area: How You Can Help

Resettlement in the US is their only beacon of hope. It is discordant to what America has always believed in…Isn’t the Statue of Liberty a symbol that signifies freedom from oppression? What about refugees fleeing from persecution in Syria, aren’t they entitled to life and freedom too? They’re every bit as human as you or I.

Giving at Christmas: The Real Festive Gift

The festive season is well and truly upon us in the Bay Area, bursting through our front door without much warning just as Thanksgiving was packing its bags. A time traditionally devoted to peace, giving, generosity, family, and community, for many of us it’s a season more accustomed to baking, buying, wrapping and sending.

Job Hunt: The Daunting Task of Where to Begin

Maybe you’ve moved countries, states, or even just from one neighborhood to the next, and you’re starting to feel a little more settled in. Maybe after a long wait, your work visa or permanent resident card has finally arrived and you’re starting to think about getting back to work. But, regardless of your motivation to start looking for a job, we understand how daunting it can be!

Photo Credit: The Expat Woman

What it’s really like to work in a Silicon Valley start-up?

What is it like to work in a Silicon Valley start-up? I have been working in a tech startup for over a year now and this is my story. In August 2013 my wife and I moved into the Bay Area after she found a job at Stanford. Because of Stanford’s vicinity to Silicon Valley, I was excited to join her and decided to leave my electronic engineering job in The Netherlands. In January 2014, I met my current bosses at an Internet of Things meetup in the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View. They had a cool idea for an industrial Internet of Things start-up and needed an electronic engineer. I […]