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Road Trip to LA: Where to Stop on the Way

There was no way out of a road trip to LA/Anaheim once the word ‘Disneyland’ had left my husband’s mouth and reached the ears of our 4 and 2 year old. We had a week to make the most of our trip and driving 7 hours in one day seemed like the worst idea I could imagine. It’s not just the kids, it’s impossible for me to sit for that long without getting cranky and thus starting the trip off on the wrong foot. Plus, there was no way I was spending an entire week at Disney!

Sightseeing: Places You Must See While You’re in the US

While you are here don’t forget to advantage of all the sightseeing the US has to offer. You will find traveling around the US is a bit like traveling around Europe in the sense that customs, dialect, food and music can change drastically from state to state. We lack the train system that makes traveling Europe so easy, but there are a lot of resources to help make a trip easy and fun.

Into the Green #4: The Lost Coast – A Beach Vacation with Bears

If Malibu Beach comes to your mind first when you think about beach vacations in California, you should probably not venture out to the Lost Coast. But if you prefer Alaska to ‘Baywatch’, this is your spot. Even the road builders of the Wild West steered clear of this coast, steep and rugged as it is. All the better for us, as well as for sea lions, black bears and marijuana farmers who peacefully cohabit in this wilderness.

American Sports: An Englishman’s Opinion

I grew up in the South West of England, nowhere near a major city or sports club, but I have always been a big sports fan, everything from football (soccer), rugby, cricket, Formula 1, tennis, darts and more. I never excelled at these sports but I love to watch them (yes, even cricket). But sport as I knew it was about to change forever!

American Sports - Closeup of a baseball

Top Tips for a Family Trip to Disneyland

I grew up going to Disneyland every few years as a kid. My mom, aunt and Grandma would load us all up in a couple of cars, embark on an epic drive (this was before in-car DVDs and way before iPads!) We played the license plate game for eight hours…Once in LA we would go to Disneyland for a day or two, play in the pool, and then drive home again. It was always fun, and we were always eager to go back! So, now as a parent myself, with two boys under three years old, it was time to […]

Into the green #2: Hiking in Death Valley – of all places!

As promised in the California Outdoor Calendar we are going to present some of the greatest outdoor adventures in California on this blog to inspire your travel plans – first up, Death Valley. When hiking, climbing, biking or skiing you don’t make a lot of miles, but you take it all in. Slow-motion travels leave more impact on the mind than on the environment – and they definitely come with their own thrill.

Into the green #1: California Outdoors – A calendar

How is your calendar filling up? Why not get out and enjoy the fantastic California outdoors? Here are some suggestions, one per month. While the times proposed here might be ideal for enjoyable weather and activities, this is, of course, flexible – and many destinations can even be combined in one great road trip.