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International Rescue Committee & Life in the Bay, making a difference together!

The IRC offices in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and Turlock (Northern California) offer many opportunities to assist with refugee resettlement. Whether you have time to act as a professional mentor, or even just help with a trip to the grocery store. You can make a difference.

Giving at Christmas: The Real Festive Gift

The festive season is well and truly upon us in the Bay Area, bursting through our front door without much warning just as Thanksgiving was packing its bags. A time traditionally devoted to peace, giving, generosity, family, and community, for many of us it’s a season more accustomed to baking, buying, wrapping and sending.

The Beautiful Game: Organized Fun v.s. Organized Chaos

I started writing this article during the Olympic games in Rio, after Portugal won Euro 2016 and my national team lost the Copa America final in New York. The Copa America, outside of Europe, is perhaps the second most important soccer event after the World Cup, and the fact that it was played on US soil for the first time to celebrate the centenary of the tournament made me think about how differently we experience these sports in California. Organized fun The first thing to note when you attend an event in the US, not just a sporting event, is […]

Save Money (and Still Enjoy Your Life) in the Bay Area

When lawyer Kate Dowing announced that she would move out of Silicon Valley due to the exorbitant housing prices, the story went viral. It emphasized what many Bay Area residents know all too well: If you come to this affluent area for other reasons than working for a major tech company, life will be very expensive. Here are some ideas to save money and make it work nevertheless.

Save money - a small car is cheaper to run

Camping with Kids: Attempt One – ‘Easy’ Camping

So, you might remember some time ago I was crowdsourcing camping ideas, well here is what happened! I grew up camping all over California. I think my mom took me for the first time when I was only six months old. We’ve been meaning to go camping as a family for a while now, but when my youngest was born last year he had some health issues, so our plans were delayed.

little campsite at KOA

Trekking through the Trees with a Toddler

Did you know that the redwood trees love to live with their family? Wherever you spot a redwood tree mostly you will see that there are clusters of trees together? That the summer fog plays an important role in keeping the redwood trees alive? That the creek which flows through the redwoods, is alive with flora and fauna? We gathered these facts and a lot of other amazing information on our slow-paced and toddler-friendly trail walk with a forest ranger at Muir Woods, few weeks back. As expats living in a new country, we always felt the need to know […]

Tree Ring and Hand