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About Sarah Jennings

Less than five years ago, I got my first passport and went on my first short holiday outside of the UK to the absolutely stunning Croatia. And it feels like I have never looked back! Since then I have spent 2 years living in beautiful Copenhagen, before arriving in the Bay Area in early 2016. It has been quite the whirlwind adventure. I have used my expat adventure to reignite my lifelong dream to become a writer and editor, returning to my studies and slowly building experience through work and voluntary roles to make this a reality. I have recently left the Bay Area and returned to the UK, to live in London, another place I haven't lived. You can follow my journey at my website -

The US Presidential Election: A Non-Voters Perspective

When the US Presidential election season began, it was all a bit of a joke. As a spectator, an immigrant, a non-voter, watching this media spectacle from the front row, it all seemed a bit laughable. But then the primaries rumbled on, Brexit happened, and someone that we had all seen as joke candidate began to gain steam. But this couldn’t happen, could it? And then it did, Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for President. Suddenly, the joke wasn’t funny anymore. It became more of a horror story, you watch through your fingers, too scared to look properly, but […]

Public Transport: Getting Around Your New Hometown

Once you’re settled in your new home and have gotten to grips with the new surroundings, found the bank, the nearest store and so on, it’s time to venture further afield. If like me, you don’t drive, or don’t own a car, you need to venture onto public transport. With so many services on the peninsula, this can be hard to get your head around.

samTrans - Photo credit: THE Holy Hand Grenade! via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND