Santiago Nocera

About Santiago Nocera

Although I’ve lived in three different countries on three different continents, I never imagined I would end up living in California. But after a cross-country trek in a mini-van stuffed with boxes of books and some clothes, I officially became a Bay Area resident. My partner and I have been here for just over a year and are still tackling our very long list of hikes, vistas, beaches, and restaurants that this area has to offer. I have spent my time in the Bay Area finally working my dream job as a bookseller, which means I’ve also spent the past year reading more than ever before. I love books, but I also love food and the outdoors, so my unexpected life in California has offered me a lot in each of those categories!

Guidebooks with a Difference: New Ways to See the Bay

For those new to the Bay Area, or those looking to share a corner of their world here with family or friends living elsewhere, the following is a list of unique guidebooks that bring the bay to life on the page. These books are versatile, too: they serve as an introduction to newcomers, as a reference for temporary travelers, and as mementos for life-long residents.