Nicoletta G

Our next move: From Silicon Valley to Seattle

When I moved to the Bay Area, I had never given much thought to Seattle. I had always seen it as a far-away, freezing-cold, provincial town near Canada: nothing that could compare with our incredible Silicon Valley, where education, technology and wealth found their perfect habitat. This was, until a couple of years ago, when a friend from Italy described it to me as a beautiful city, full of music and life. A few months later, my husband received an interesting job offer from a Seattle-based company. We discussed the opportunity with the family and realized that we were all […]

Italian Food, the Reality Beyond the Myth

Apparently, being an Italian in America is a synonym for good food and good cook (Well, ok, I can understand that!). The Americans love buying Italian-branded stuff which has nothing in common with real Italian food. This post of mine is a short list of tricks to distinguish real Italian food from an American interpretation. I don`t mean that you need to change your eating habits, but to know what you are buying when you go for an Italian meal. I can start by mentioning the Italian salad dressing: no dressing in Italy, just extra virgin olive oil and salt […]