Marta Sobierajewicz Gworek

About Marta Sobierajewicz Gworek

Having arrived from Poland in early 2016, with her husband and two young children, Marta has found life in California more challenging than expected. She's managed to find great schools for her kids, and has now set about rebuilding her career in event management in the Bay. Her vibrant, and outgoing personality has served her well, in creating a new circle of friends, and a fantastic network. Her family is thriving. Enjoying the beaches, sun, and all that California has to offer.

Preschool in the Bay Area: A Difficult Search

When I moved to the Bay Area one year ago, I had a picture in my head of how my life would look there. I would find the perfect house (or at least one which was suitable for us), send the children to an amazing preschool, have time for myself and my career. I was waiting for perfect weather and beaches in the afternoons. I knew that some of these things would be harder to get than others but I also knew that at the end of the day I would get there in the end. I thought I planned […]