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About Jessica H

I have spent my life exploring my surroundings. I grew up in Michigan and made a career in marketing. I followed my husband to NY, NJ and now CA for his career. I have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures. I love being out of my comfort zone. I currently work as a contracted Marketing Product Manager at Google. I love the Bay Area. The sun, relaxed environment and access to outdoor activities is very different from the East Coast.

Bay Area Attractions: Our Top Picks for your Guests

Chances are you won’t have been in the Bay Area long before you find yourself hosting a guest. We all feel pressure to make sure our visitors have an enjoyable and memorable time. Hopefully, this list of our top Bay Area Attractions, not including San Francisco, to visit will be a helpful guide. I surveyed people, who have had guests, about the places they enjoyed the most. These five were overwhelmingly the most popular.

Beverages: An American Obsession

I write this surrounded by beverages, I am nursing a medium cappuccino and have a glass of water on standby. I have a drinking problem, but I don’t think it’s just me…While at work, my desk is littered with cups, all with varying degrees of fullness. I don’t feel comfortable without a thermos of water in my bag. When I apply the brakes in my car, beverage bottles roll and rattle.

Close up shot of coffee beans.

Trailing Husband Settles into the Bay Area “Like a Boss”

It’s a new year and the perfect time for an inspirational story!  Recently, Jasper, a trailing husband, wrote about rebuilding his life and the importance of a guys’ night out.  I have the pleasure of knowing a trailing husband from Buenos Aires, Argentina — Eduardo. Eduardo came to the Bay Area after his wife, Flor,  accepted a job transfer at Google.  It was a good move for her career.  What about Eduardo’s career as a lawyer?  In Buenos Aires, he worked at one of the most prestigious law firms, then an international hedge fund and before leaving to come to the […]

Family Traditions During the Holidays

It’s the time of year when traditions are prevalent.  Some were purposely and thoughtfully created while others just evolved.  For example, I sought out the perfect wooden advent calendar with the intention of opening 25 magical doors becoming tradition in my children’s lives.   On the other hand, when my Mom and I start to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas, my Dad goes and puts the lights on the outside of the house.  It happens the same way, at the same time, every year.  It just started happening that way and now, it’s tradition. In my experience, regardless […]