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About Felicity H. Barber

I am a speechwriter, who coaches people to make awesome speeches, presentations and pitches. I moved to San Francisco from London with my software engineer husband and two cats in 2014. As if moving half way around the world wasn’t enough, I made the crazy decision to start my own business at the same time! Life has been a big adjustment to go from in-house to freelance, tea and scones to coffee and brownies, rainy days to constant sunshine, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Taking your baby home for the holidays? Read this first.

Like many Bay Area expats we’re taking our baby home this Christmas and I’m already prepping for the long journey back to the UK. We’ve done one other long-haul flight with him and several shorter ones. This is what we’ve learned so far: Call your airline before you fly On long-haul flights babies less than 25 pounds can sleep in a bassinet, but these are only provided if you’re in the bulkhead seats. Contact your airline in advance to bag these early. If you forget, ask at the desk when you check-in if they have any spots still available. Even […]

New Mum’s Survival Guide: San Francisco Edition

Congratulations! You peed on a stick and two lines appeared. What’s next? Call your insurance company (and start saving) Your insurance company can give you an idea of how much your little bundle of joy will set you back. We changed from Anthem Blue Cross to United Healthcare while I was pregnant and it took the cost from $2,500 to $250 (same doctor, hospital etc). If you’re pregnant during the open enrollment period look into your options because it could save you a fistful of dollars. While you’re on the phone with them find out how to get a breast […]

Brexit creates uncertainty for 4 million expats

In March 2013 my husband told me there was a possibility of his work moving us out to San Francisco from London. 16 months later we were on a plane ready to begin new lives. It doesn’t sound very long, but those 16 months felt like a lifetime. I found it hard to give my career in the UK 110 per cent, when I was also looking into the work opportunities in California. I felt split and frustrated by the uncertainty.   Ultimately, if our visas had been refused those 16 months would have faded into our joint history. We […]

Top tips for Getting to Grips with US Baking

After a few months of living stateside I felt like I’d pretty much mastered the San Francisco ‘grocery store’, but one aisle still gave me trouble: the baking aisle. Eighteen months and many baking experiments later, I wanted share with other expats what I’ve learnt about American baking vocabulary, what can be substituted, and what to sneak in your suitcase on your next trip back home. Don’t bother looking for caster sugar I’ve only seen it once in San Francisco and it was $8 for about 250grams. This has been a source of huge frustration for my husband who makes […]