Christina Felschen

About Christina Felschen

Originally from Germany, I came to the Bay Area in 2014 with my partner. After working in Latin America, Scandinavia, France and on the world oceans, I am startled to see how Silicon Valley is inventing the world of tomorrow and is still stuck in traffic jams every morning. I continue to work as a journalist with a focus on human rights, migration and travel and try to polish my skills as a photographer. Most of all I enjoy exploring California's fantastic outdoors: its mountains, deserts and secluded beaches – and I would like to share my tour ideas and travelogues with you.

Save Money (and Still Enjoy Your Life) in the Bay Area

When lawyer Kate Dowing announced that she would move out of Silicon Valley due to the exorbitant housing prices, the story went viral. It emphasized what many Bay Area residents know all too well: If you come to this affluent area for other reasons than working for a major tech company, life will be very expensive. Here are some ideas to save money and make it work nevertheless.

Save money - a small car is cheaper to run

Into the Green #4: The Lost Coast – A Beach Vacation with Bears

If Malibu Beach comes to your mind first when you think about beach vacations in California, you should probably not venture out to the Lost Coast. But if you prefer Alaska to ‘Baywatch’, this is your spot. Even the road builders of the Wild West steered clear of this coast, steep and rugged as it is. All the better for us, as well as for sea lions, black bears and marijuana farmers who peacefully cohabit in this wilderness.

Into the green #2: Hiking in Death Valley – of all places!

As promised in the California Outdoor Calendar we are going to present some of the greatest outdoor adventures in California on this blog to inspire your travel plans – first up, Death Valley. When hiking, climbing, biking or skiing you don’t make a lot of miles, but you take it all in. Slow-motion travels leave more impact on the mind than on the environment – and they definitely come with their own thrill.

Into the green #1: California Outdoors – A calendar

How is your calendar filling up? Why not get out and enjoy the fantastic California outdoors? Here are some suggestions, one per month. While the times proposed here might be ideal for enjoyable weather and activities, this is, of course, flexible – and many destinations can even be combined in one great road trip.