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About Ambar Briastuti

Great weather and outdoor pursuit makes California is a perfect ground for me, an avid traveler. Born in Java, Indonesia I decided that the world was not as small as a plate of nasi goreng. By 2015, I had already become a permanent residence in three different countries: UK, Singapore, and USA. I moved to Bay Area in 2008 with a husband who thought that Yorkshire Dales was rather too wet for a day walking. I've been through the roller coaster of visa applications, and faced a C-section without a spouse. Juggling between my four-year-old daughter and how to serve the best cuppa, I turn to writing and photography as my solace activity. You can also follow me at

North Bay: Moving Within the Bay Area

Things are expensive in the Bay Area, especially housing. Finding affordable accommodation in the area is a painful process for expats. The Bay Area is famous for a fierce bidding process with houses going for at least $150k more than the asking price. So when we had to move from the South Bay to the North Bay there was a lot to consider.