Muslim Neighbors: What I Learned When I Visited A Mosque

You asked, and we listened. When we recently ran a poll in the Life in the Bay Community Facebook Group, asking ‘Which religion are you most curious to learn about?’ You overwhelmingly responded with requests to learn about the Muslim faith, or ‘Islam’.

Family Friendly LA: So Much More Than Just Disneyland

The first time I visited Los Angeles was with my husband 15 years ago and I hated it…We now love LA. For us, it’s a great family destination that has something for everyone, from its chilled-out beaches and parks, to world-famous shopping, to an over-abundance of museums and attractions.

Wander Away: Adventure in a box

Are you sitting on a gorgeous beach somewhere, sipping a fancy fruity drink? Are you on a wild adventure off the beaten path in Nepal, eating an amazing dinner with the locals? No? I bet you want to be though, and so do I! Not that living in California isn’t awesome, it is, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t long to get away and travel again, like I did pre kids and a mortgage… If you’re looking for a little taste of the exotic, a trinket to inspire your next vacation, or a reminder of your past international wanderings, […]

A Tale of Two Births: Singapore and USA

‘My doctor in Singapore was a perfectionist and very focused on her patients. She was also very busy, as many OB-GYN are, and because of that, I think sometimes she forgot to smile. ‘